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Adrienne and Billie Joe Armstrong & Rocky
Sandra Mannion has been an important friend to our family for over a year now. She came as a referral from a puppy class that we attended with our nervous puppy Rocky. With two young children and a really busy schedule, we knew we wanted a well-trained dog, but didn't have the time to continue with obedience classes. Sandra was able to offer us in-home training and we also hired her to work with Rocky once a week, for the whole day.

She is so knowledgeable about dogs and was able to guide us through the stages and issues of puppy hood and obedience training, as well as work with Rocky on specific problems like excessive barking and people anxiety. We continue to work with Sandra on a regular basis and Rocky is ecstatic to see her whenever she comes to the house. We highly recommend Sandra to anyone looking for an exceptional trainer with a vast knowledge and a genuine love of dogs.

Adrienne and Billie Joe Armstrong