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Sonja and Chewy
Our dog, Chewy, is part Poodle, part Labrador, and part crazy. We knew we couldn't change the lab or poodle in him, but we went to Sandra for help getting the crazy out (or at least dampening it down). Sandra has been awesome with our family. She tries to get us to see how Chewy sees the world and she always explains the theory behind her training methods. She is well versed in many different approaches to dog training and has trained all types of dogs.

This experience is great for Chewy because she knows what to do if he isn't responding to a particular method. Sandra never makes us feel rushed during our sessions and always encourages us to call in between appointments if we have any questions. She is not judgmental when we sheepishly confess that we just haven't had time to work on a particular command. Sandra truly has Chewy's best interest in mind and is happy to adapt to the needs of our family.

Sonja Ray and Chewy