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What can we say about Sandra Mannion? She came into our lives when Ellie (golden retriever #4) was 6 months old. We had completed puppy school and needed some additional support around having a very young, exuberant, bright, clever dog who liked to jump up more than anything and ignore the word “come”. Our last experience with a “stubborn” puppy was more than 25 years ago and Sandra came to our rescue.

She is patient, attentive, and extraordinarily talented. Sandra is intuitive and connects intimately with dogs. It is as if she knows not just how they think but what they are thinking at the time.

Sandra is particularly skilled at training people as well as dogs! Our Ellie is now the dog we always wanted and our regular “tune-ups” with Sandra continue to prove how lovely life is with a young, intelligent dog who CAN behave!

Thanks, Sandra!

Susan and Stephanie Oakland, California