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Jennifer and Penny
OThe first day I brought home this adorable but headstrong Boston Terrier puppy I knew I would need help training her. I was referred to Sandra by friends whose German Shepards had been extremely well trained by an associate of Sandra's and thought since Sandra is well familiar with Bostons I should give her a call. The first meeting with Sandra I knew she was perfect for training ME to deal with Penny! With patience, warmth and a great determination to stay focused on obedience Sandra has actually made it possible for my family to get through training a difficult dog and keep her. But my favorite part of the process was her insistance on making sure your dog maintains its confidence and sense of fun in life.

After all having a dog is one of the great pleasures in life and everyone should enjoy the experience! With Sandra's help in guidance for those seeking help in training this remarkable goal is possible. I refer her in the highest. If you would like, I would be available to discuss in more detail my family's wonderful experience with Sandra. She can give you my contact information.

Jennifer Melton and Penny